Kim Lovell, Owner/CEO

About us

We provide IT components needed to make lives easier in a fast-paced world.

Our company started with one purpose - to bring technology support to large companies, small businesses, and homes. With over 20 years of experience, we've seen the increased need for people to have access to reliable, dedicated IT services. HillTown Tech provides IT support not only to our beautiful region of upstate New York, but far beyond as well - even internationally! As you think ahead to your IT needs, whether it be personal or business related, remember to strive to have a passionate, individualized company caring for your needs. We are here to help you.

HillTown Tech is our point for our managed integration platform and related reporting systems. This system is the gateway for our back-end processing systems and is detrimental to our ability to provide our services to all our clients. HillTown Tech was able to identify our risks and challenges from a system and team perspective. They created a road map to get the system to the reliable well received environment it is today. HillTown Tech developed the policies and procedures in place today that govern the system to keep it secure and reliable.
Albert M., IT Manager
I have hired HillTown Tech several times for various I.T. projects. They are an incredibly knowledgeable team and possesses wonderful customer service skills. I most appreciated the advice on future purchases and upgrades. I am sure anyone who hires them will be as pleased.
Den M.
I have had the personal and professional good fortune to work closely with HillTown Tech for many years. As a small business owner with several umbrellas, they have been instrumental in getting me to a high-tech position so I can compete in highly competitive markets. I strongly recommend HillTown Tech to any organization. They can make complex things simple for non-technical people.
Misael M., Owner/Operator
I could always depend on HillTown Tech to deliver. They are energetic, accurate, fair minded, dependable, and most importantly, possesses a wonderful sense of humor.
John B., Director of Application Solutions
HillTown Tech provides us with IT consulting services. I have found them to be a strategic partner, allowing us to focus on growing our business while having peace of mind regarding IT infrastructure and security. The HillTown team is both responsive and professional. In particular, Kerwin makes himself available to our business on demand and even made an out-of-state service call the next day. He is solution-oriented, as well as being the consummate professional, explaining complicated technical concepts in easy to understand terms.
John Blowers – Vice President of Operations