CyberGuard EssentialShield

CyberGuard EssentialShield

From: $26.99 / month

Stay secure online with our comprehensive Managed Cybersecurity Services. Our experts shield homes and businesses, providing real-time support and ensuring data safety. We cover you, regardless of your age or tech-savviness.



Comprehensive Managed Cybersecurity Services for All

Welcome to our advanced managed cybersecurity services, where your digital assets are safeguarded by a team of dedicated security engineers. We proactively shield your systems from evolving cyber threats, including intrusive Ads, relentless Trackers, insidious Malware, and dreaded Ransomware attacks. Rest assured, your data remains safe and secure.

Included Services:

  • Managed Anti-Virus & Ransomware Protection: We deploy cutting-edge security measures to fend off malicious software, including Ransomware attacks, ensuring your digital assets are fortified against the latest threats.

  • Managed Web Content Filtering: Our sophisticated web content filtering keeps you safe from harmful websites and ensures a secure online experience.

  • Software Management: We meticulously manage and update your software to keep vulnerabilities at bay, safeguarding your digital ecosystem.

  • Patch Management: Regular patches are crucial for sealing security loopholes. We handle patch management efficiently to maintain the integrity of your systems.

  • FREE Human Security Response: In case of a security incident, our human experts are ready to respond promptly, providing peace of mind when you need it most.

  • Priority Support for Non-Security Services: We prioritize your needs, even beyond cybersecurity, to ensure a seamless and secure digital experience.

Our comprehensive solutions encompass both threat prevention and detection, covering all major attack vectors. We rapidly eliminate threats with automated, policy-driven responses, ensuring real-time visibility into your endpoint environment.

Our innovative cybersecurity solutions offer robust protection against a wide array of attack vectors, safeguarding your digital assets against emerging threats and ensuring peace of mind in today’s ever-connected world. Whether you’re a commercial entity or a residential user, young or old, tech-savvy or not, our services are tailored to meet your unique cybersecurity needs.

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