SafeZone Guardian Suite

SafeZone Guardian Suite

$100.00 / month

Safeguard your loved ones with ‘SafeZone Guardian Suite,’ offering comprehensive digital protection against predators, accidental search results, and more.

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Comprehensive Protection Against Digital Risks: Predators, Accidental Search Results, and More

Introducing our all-in-one solution designed to shield your loved ones from harmful content and online threats. ‘SafeZone Guardian Suite’ combines our two most powerful parental control products, carefully preselected for ease of use.

With a 2-phase approach, you can rest assured that your kids are in a secure digital space. Our fully customizable content filter operates at both device and network levels, safeguarding against unintentional and intentional internet exposure. Additionally, our device monitor offers you the discretion to quietly ensure age-appropriate online activity.

Discover peace of mind with ‘SafeZone Guardian Suite’ by KNET, where you can monitor all Android and iPhone digital and audio communications, as well as track every event on PC or Mac devices. Best of all, our solution remains completely transparent to the device user, ensuring a seamless digital experience.

License: 1 Month


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