Support Companion

Support Companion

From: $100.00 / month

Expert tech support for small businesses and homes. Get comprehensive reports, quality products, and unlimited support without hourly charges.



Comprehensive Tech Support for Small Businesses and Homes

Our service includes a detailed report covering performed tasks, lifecycle reports, and cost-effective upgrade recommendations. We also provide a curated catalog of quality tech products to streamline your technology decisions. Our dedicated experts assist with computer issues, configurations, installations, and more. Enjoy access to reliable technology support without hourly charges.

Tailored for very small businesses and homes, our service is ideal for those who may not be tech-savvy, including seniors. Think of it as having a personal IT specialist at your disposal for all technical needs. Recently, we’ve received inquiries about finding Christmas gifts for grandkids, especially those getting gaming consoles. Our service now extends to provide expert support for any related technical issues.

Key Features:

Unlimited phone and web support
Depot support available
Minimum 3-month commitment
Contact us today and inquire about volume discounts for your tech support needs.

Additional information

Support Type

Basic, Gold, Platinum

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